Historicity and Screening

Last year, myself and Kayla Jeanson were approached by Birchbark Productions, the same company who we worked with on the CBC Special. The idea was to tell stories about how city streets got their name. Two years later, we have just finished two episodes of Historicity for MTS Stories From Home. The whole project was excellent for me to work on, …

RylaanHistoricity and Screening

This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory

The is Not A Conspiracy Theory

I animated one small part for episode 3 of Kirby Ferguson’s This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory. I’ve liked Kirby’s work since the Everything Is A Remix Series and this new work is just as good if not better. I ended speaking with him at XOXO last year where he was showcasing the first episode of This Is Not A …

RylaanThis Is Not A Conspiracy Theory

ROARING 2020’s VJ Set

Roaring 2020's

I got the chance to VJ a 1920’s themed electro swing night at the Pyramid. The Event The Music: The Result: Due to some technical issues, I ended up using Modul8 and a Hucules controller to VJ. It was nice to revisit Modul8, I haven’t used it since I switched to Resolume. Software can really dictate how you create visuals, …

RylaanROARING 2020’s VJ Set

Water, Malts, Heat, Yeast, Sugar

Home Brew Bottles

I have finally finished off the last bottle of my first home brew, named Skullbraune after the hackerspace that funded the project. Using a kit purchase from my local homebrew supplier, I produced 40 bottles of lager. Here are some pics from the process. For my first batch, I really needed to learn the process of cleaning and sanitizing all …

RylaanWater, Malts, Heat, Yeast, Sugar