Water, Malts, Heat, Yeast, Sugar

Home Brew Bottles

I have finally finished off the last bottle of my first home brew, named Skullbraune after the hackerspace that funded the project. Using a kit purchase from my local homebrew supplier, I produced 40 bottles of lager. Here are some pics from the process.

For my first batch, I really needed to learn the process of cleaning and sanitizing all the equipment, as poor sanitation means poor beer. This is why I chose a kit, so I could limit the variables if the batch turned out odd. I picked a lager for this reason as well, since the lighter taste won’t mask any mistakes in the process.

The whole process is fun, and I’m looking forward to my first boil, and coming up with my own beer recipes, perhaps one day crafting something that is truly worthy to share a name with Skullspace.

RylaanWater, Malts, Heat, Yeast, Sugar