The Paradox of Choice


I’ve finished reading Barry Schwartz’s “The Paradox of Choice.” In the book, Schwartz describes how, by offering more choices and automation in our lives, this “culture of abundance” makes people less satisfied and less happy. I strongly recommend the TED talk that Schwartz gave on the book. The book goes into further study and evidence for why more choice leads … Read More

RylaanThe Paradox of Choice



Working at the MTS centre gave me a real passion for visual performance. Building and running content on the the digital screens for hockey games was fun, but I really wanted to do something that was a little more personal. I started learning about VJing and visual performance. One of the things I discovered was a TagTool, a DIY project … Read More


Short Animation: “The Son”

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I’m very happy to finally post this. This is a short animation I did with coworker Mindy Brown. The project was done with After Effects and Illustrator. I’m really happy with the daughter animations, the run cycles, and the galaxy shots. Enjoy. This project came from an English class assignment. I had the option of doing a creative work on … Read More

RylaanShort Animation: “The Son”