The Best and Worst Products I got off the Internet

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I’ve been slipping back into my old internet-shopping self lately. Since I figured out how to buy stuff off the internet, I have bought some great stuff. Stuff that I could only get through the internet. Limited run books, CD’s and DVD’s that were closed off to me before became a reality. However, this ease also brings up problems for the inexperienced shopper: …

RylaanThe Best and Worst Products I got off the Internet

Assistant Producer, Visual Media

Now that I’ve gotten through my Montreal trip report, I can talk about more current stuff. I’ve now spent two weeks at my new job, and it’s been great. My coworkers are very happy with my work, and my new office is really nice. Hardwood floor, duel monitors, it is a good setup. For the last three weeks I’ve been …

RylaanAssistant Producer, Visual Media