OSCON 2013

Voodoo Doughnut

OSCON is an O’REILLY conference in Portland focusing on open source hardware and software. I was brought along with PO-MO to provide music and visuals for their PLANET OSCON party, a space themed party filled with laser tag, arcade machines, and an adult size jolly jumper. I felt since the theme of the conference is open source, I would use …

RylaanOSCON 2013

Eyeo 2013

Walker Arts Centre Eyeo 2013

Eyeo 2013 has come and gone. I never managed to post about last years Eyeo, so I wanted to get this out as soon as the event came to a close. Eyeo focuses on Data Visualization and Code base artwork. Designers, Artists, Architects, Programmers, and others descend onto the Walker Art Centre to discuss art, interaction, and information. I figured …

RylaanEyeo 2013

ROARING 2020’s VJ Set

Roaring 2020's

I got the chance to VJ a 1920’s themed electro swing night at the Pyramid. The Event The Music: The Result: Due to some technical issues, I ended up using Modul8 and a Hucules controller to VJ. It was nice to revisit Modul8, I haven’t used it since I switched to Resolume. Software can really dictate how you create visuals, …

RylaanROARING 2020’s VJ Set

Water, Malts, Heat, Yeast, Sugar

Home Brew Bottles

I have finally finished off the last bottle of my first home brew, named Skullbraune after the hackerspace that funded the project. Using a kit purchase from my local homebrew supplier, I produced 40 bottles of lager. Here are some pics from the process. For my first batch, I really needed to learn the process of cleaning and sanitizing all …

RylaanWater, Malts, Heat, Yeast, Sugar