DVD Family Video Installation

DVD Family

February 8th, 2014. Gallery showing at Gurevich Fine Art. By Rylaan Gimby and Toby Bartlett Pieces consisted of three analog televisions, with a family member character on each. The Grandmother tells you her life story. The Sister talks at you about what his happening in her life. The Father doesn’t speak at all, just tends to his work. Picture of …

RylaanDVD Family Video Installation

MEME 2013: VJ Set + Flexible Touch Screen

MEME 2013

MEME 2013 VJ Set and Flexible Touch Screen Video also features VJ sets and installations by Jaymez, Flamewar, Pixel Pusher, and Onion Union.

RylaanMEME 2013: VJ Set + Flexible Touch Screen

Chiptunes Dance and Art Parties

The Gr8 Bits show’s were part art and DJ event centered around artists using video games as inspiration or medium. I would DJ chiptune music as well as occasionally draw sprites from the 8-bit era on a custom built TagTool, an Arduino powered drawing device. Gr8 Bits Show 1.2 – Winnipeg Art Gallery for Nuit Blanche Video By Kert Gardner: Organized By: Skot Deeming Installations …

RylaanChiptunes Dance and Art Parties