Data Dance Level 2

Star Pilot

Star Pilot

Once again, the Lo Pub was adorned with game consoles and arcade cabinets (including the now famous Winnitron1000 ) for Data Dance level 2! There was an even bigger turnout this time, and had people come up to me and talk about how much they love what we are doing.

Aside from the great performances from DecadeForward, Cut Stickens, and newcomer Knar, along with great visuals from mrghosty and Jaymez, we also added an actual chiptune artist, Star Pilot. He rocked the house with a gameboy and a toy megaphone.

It was interesting being an opener. I designed this set to have a definite energy build, which would build and then slow down for Star Pilot to take the energy level wherever he wanted to. Very different than last time where I could just blow out the place with bangers until the end of my set.

I will continue the tradition of posting my set lists and should mention that most of the music in my sets is found online, given away on a pay-what-you-want system by the artist. I will pass up paid content to play tracks by these artists, so if you like the music, please throw them some money.

Here are some more pictures from the event. Most of these were taken during setup.

Data Dance 2 Arcade

Data Dance 2 Arcade

Data Dance 2 - DJ Gear

Data Dance 2 – DJ Gear

DataDance Level 2 - VJ Gear

DataDance Level 2 – Star Pilot Setup

Star Pilot 2

Star Pilot

RylaanData Dance Level 2