Peg Jam 2014: Winnipeg Game Design Comes Together

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Peg Jam 2014 Project

So last weekend, I took part in my first game jam. I figured it would be a good opportunity to work on the project I am building for MEME this year, since it uses Unity. I had never used Unity before, but I was sure I could get it working with Arduino, perhaps with the help of a few plugins. … Read More

RylaanPeg Jam 2014: Winnipeg Game Design Comes Together

MEME 2013

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MEME 2013

MEME 2013 from Shadling on Vimeo. The Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition is a four day festival in Winnipeg featuring a mix of local, national, and international DJ’s and Artists. I’ve been a VJ at this festival since it’s inception, and it is often the cause for many of the video based projects you see on the site. This year, some … Read More

RylaanMEME 2013

OSCON 2013

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Voodoo Doughnut

OSCON is an O’REILLY conference in Portland focusing on open source hardware and software. I was brought along with PO-MO to provide music and visuals for their PLANET OSCON party, a space themed party filled with laser tag, arcade machines, and an adult size jolly jumper. I felt since the theme of the conference is open source, I would use … Read More

RylaanOSCON 2013

MEME 2012 VJ Workshop

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The VJ class was a success. Jaymez, Onion Union, and myself. We taught a class of 8 students the fine art of VJing with Modul8 & Resolume. Here are a few photos.

RylaanMEME 2012 VJ Workshop