This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory

The is Not A Conspiracy Theory

I animated one small part for episode 3 of Kirby Ferguson’s This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory. I’ve liked Kirby’s work since the Everything Is A Remix Series and this new work is just as good if not better. I ended speaking with him at XOXO last year where he was showcasing the first episode of This Is Not A …

RylaanThis Is Not A Conspiracy Theory

Short Animation: “The Son”

I’m very happy to finally post this. This is a short animation I did with coworker Mindy Brown. The project was done with After Effects and Illustrator. I’m really happy with the daughter animations, the run cycles, and the galaxy shots. Enjoy. This project came from an English class assignment. I had the option of doing a creative work on …

RylaanShort Animation: “The Son”