Eyeo 2012

Rebellion at the Walker Arts Centre

I attended the Code + Art Conference Eyeo in Minneapolis this summer. Every author of every cool vimeo video I have ever seen on data viz, computer vision, or code art was there, standing around waiting to talk with me. Here are a few links. OpenFrameWorks I had used it before, but I really got a great sense of how …

RylaanEyeo 2012

Chipocalpyse: Edmonton DJ Set


I have wanted to do a road trip with the chiptune events since the very first DataDance. Now that mr. ghosty is leaving the city, I didn’t think it would happen. I have to thank Dopef15h for getting this together, and mr ghosty for the poster. I cannot wait, this will also be the first time I VJ one of …

RylaanChipocalpyse: Edmonton DJ Set

Yuri’s Night Dj Set

This past Saturday was Yuri’s Night an annual celebration of the first man into space. The Manitoba Planetarium and Science gallery setup stages, and a bar. This was my first time attending the event, and it went great. Dancing in the planetarium under the stars, seeing adults run around, playing with all the exhibits made me realize that traditional bar/clubs …

RylaanYuri’s Night Dj Set

Data Dance Level 2

Once again, the Lo Pub was adorned with game consoles and arcade cabinets (including the now famous Winnitron1000 ) for Data Dance level 2! There was an even bigger turnout this time, and had people come up to me and talk about how much they love what we are doing. Aside from the great performances from DecadeForward, Cut Stickens, and …

RylaanData Dance Level 2